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The Quibdó Africa Film Festival is a cultural event held in the city of Quibdó every year since 2019. It is an African as well as a Colombian initiative, supported by a Foundation whose purpose is to invite the public to know and explore the African legacy and that of its diaspora. In collaboration with academic institutions, social, national and international organizations and local public representations, the QAFF promotes and supports the development of academic, cultural and artistic activities in an annual program that takes place in the city of Quibdó, as well as in several other locations in the Colombian Pacific region. The Quibdó African Film Festival aims to be a platform for socio-cultural change through the promotion of afrodisruptive cinema. It is a project that confronts the negative or erroneous perception of the history of African peoples, which is still marked by inequalities, injustices and multiple human rights violations. The motto of this initiative could be summarized as follows: "Our history did not begin with slavery. We simply did not highlight enough what came before". This is how QAFF wishes to participate in transforming the historical pain of slavery and colonization into a vital and creative force for a different future. Filmmakers from Africa, Colombia and the African diaspora understand the need to highlight and disseminate their heritage. They do it with talent, creativity and commitment and it is in this context that the QAFF aims to create a transverse network between the two continents for audiovisual artists. As such, this festival proposes to bring Africa and Colombia closer together; to highlight the heritage of Afro-descendant communities, to carry their values and to participate in the construction of a future reconnected with the original identity. During five days, the Quibdó Africa Film Festival proposes to revive the memory around three main themes:

Culture - History - Audiovisual Market.

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