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Our history

In 2018, following a visit to Quibdó and a profound encounter with the town's realities, Wilfrid Massamba found himself grappling with three fundamental questions:

  1. How can we authentically portray Africa in film without succumbing to stereotypes?

  2. How can we effectively showcase and promote films crafted by African and diaspora directors?

  3. Is there a viable market and receptive audience for African and Afro-descendant filmmakers within Colombia and Latin America?

Without possessing all the solutions, Wilfrid Massamba embarked on this extraordinary journey, endeavoring to reestablish a profound connection between Colombia and the African continent. His aim was to transform Quibdó into a vibrant epicenter where filmmakers from diverse corners of the diaspora could convene and engage in meaningful discussions about cinema. This vision unfolded in a locale nestled on the precipice of the Colombian Pacific Region, where the convergence of history and contemporary realities shapes the course of the future.


Welcome to the Quibdó Africa Film Festival (QAFF), a dynamic cultural convergence at the crossroads of cinema, heritage, and global dialogue. Since its inception in 2019, QAFF has been a beacon of Afro-descendant storytelling and cinematic excellence, making waves not only in Quibdó but also on the international stage.

QAFF was born from a visionary's quest to authentically portray Africa in film, shattering stereotypes and amplifying the voices of African and diaspora directors. It's a celebration of rich narratives that push the boundaries of storytelling, inviting you to explore extraordinary universes and perspectives.

More than just a film festival, QAFF is a testament to cultural bridge-building. It links Colombia with the African continent, inviting filmmakers, academics, and audiences to engage in vibrant dialogues that transcend borders and time. Quibdó, nestled on the edge of the Colombian Pacific, serves as the perfect backdrop—a place where the past and present converge to shape a future of understanding and appreciation.

Our festival curates a diverse array of films that illuminate African history's influence on Colombian culture and the broader diaspora. We host educational sessions led by historians, filmmakers, and academics, delving into themes of cultural influence and representation in film.

QAFF challenges stereotypes and offers fresh perspectives on Afro-descendant experiences. Through debates and panels, we foster open and respectful dialogues on identity, representation, and innovation in Afro-descendant cinema.

Collaboration is at our core. We partner with African film festivals and the Afro-descendant diaspora, sharing films, knowledge, and experiences that highlight the universal themes of family, community, and resilience.

As we continue this cinematic odyssey, we invite you to join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Afro-descendant culture. The Quibdó Africa Film Festival is not just an event—it's a transformative experience that transcends borders, redefines storytelling, and champions the voices of the Afro-descendant community. Welcome to a world of cinema where imagination knows no bounds.

Objectives vues

Education through Cinema

  1. Exploring African History: Showcase films and documentaries that delve into African history and its profound influence on Colombia culture and the broader diaspora.

  2. Educational Sessions: Organize educational sessions led by historians, filmmakers, and academics that delve into topics related to African history, cultural influences, and their representations in cinema.

Entertainment with Depth

  1. Diverse Cinematic Works: Present a wide range of cinematic works, from historical dramas to contemporary comedies, that authentically reflect the diversity and richness of the Afrodescendant experience.

  2. Multidimensional Entertainment: Integrate music, dance, and visual arts into the festival to create a comprehensive entertainment experience that pays tribute to Afro culture.

Afrodisruptive Dialogue

  1. Challenging Stereotypes: Encourage films and discussions that challenge stereotypes and offer innovative perspectives on the Afrodescendant experience and identity.

  2. Facilitating Dialogue: Create spaces for debates and panel discussions where filmmakers, academics, and the audience can engage in meaningful dialogues about topics such as representation, identity, and innovation in Afrodescendant cinema.

Connecting with Africa 

  1. Global Collaborations: Establish collaborations with African film festivals and the Afrodescendant diaspora to exchange films, knowledge, and experiences.

  2. Highlighting Similarities: Showcase films that highlight the similarities and connections between African and Colombian experiences, emphasizing universal themes such as family, community, and resistance.

Festival Activities

  • Film Screenings: Diverse selection of films and documentaries that explore Afrodescendant stories, histories, and experiences, both from Africa and the broader diaspora.

  • Q&A Sessions: Discussions with filmmakers, actors, and experts to provide insights into the creative process, cultural contexts, and themes explored in the films.

  • Educational Workshops: Workshops and masterclasses led by industry professionals, providing aspiring filmmakers with practical skills and knowledge.

  • Cultural Performances: Live music, dance performances, and visual art exhibitions that celebrate Afro culture and enhance the overall festival experience.

  • Panels and Debates: Panels and debates on relevant topics such as representation in cinema, identity, innovation, and challenges faced by Afrodescendant communities.

  • Afrofuturism Showcase: Afrofuturism through film screenings, discussions, and exhibitions, exploring imaginative visions of the future rooted in Afro culture.

  • Heritage Exhibits: Exhibitions and presentations that showcase the rich heritage and contributions of Afrodescendant communities in Colombia and beyond.

  • Cultural Food and Craft Fair: Marketplace where attendees can savor traditional Afro-Caribbean cuisine, purchase handmade crafts, and engage with local artisans.

  • Community Engagement: Community outreach programs, such as film screenings in local schools or cultural exchange events with the Quibdó community.

  • Awards Ceremony: Closing ceremony with an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding contributions to Afro cinema and storytelling.

  • Cinema Under the Stars: Outdoor screenings in the Quibdó Malecon, allowing attendees to enjoy films under the night sky.

  • Virtual Screenings: In cases where physical attendance is limited, we offer virtual screenings and discussions to ensure broader access to festival content.

  • Networking Events: Networking opportunities for filmmakers, industry professionals, and attendees to foster collaborations and partnerships.

  • Children's Program: Dedicated program for children, featuring age-appropriate films and activities that promote cultural awareness and creativity.

  • Film Market: Platform for filmmakers to showcase their projects to potential distributors, investors, and industry representatives.

Festival reports
Below, you can find our festival reports for 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019. 

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