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When should I travel?

Start your trip early. Options for getting to Quibdó are limited - by plane, only two companies operate to Quibdó Satena and Easyfly. So leave early. By choosing the first flights of the day, you will often avoid the delays and cancellations that tend to occur later in the day. Plus, if your early flight is cancelled, you'll have more opportunities to book another flight.


When should I arrive in Quibdó?

Plan to arrive in Quibdó a day early. Depending on when you intend to start your Festival experience, it is best to arrive in Quibdó at least one day before to avoid missing screenings, meetings, or other events due to travel delays or cancellations. Arriving a day early will also help you acclimate to the time zone, give you a chance to explore parts of the city, or have a leisurely meal or two before diving into the Festival.


Where should I arrive in Quibdó?

To get to Quibdó, no matter which country you are coming from, you must go through Bogota. Make sure that your connection to Quibdo is made in the same time slot as your arrival.

  • Airport: If you are traveling to Quibdó, you will first land at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. This is the largest airport in Colombia. Therefore, expect delays in disembarking, clearing customs and/or collecting your luggage if you are not in transit. For flights to Quibdó you will have to go to the Puente Aero terminal which is 5 minutes away by cab, you can ask at the information point for directions. The Puente Aero terminal is located 5 minutes away from the main Bogota airport. 


How should I travel?

Regardless of the airline you choose to travel to Quibdo, we highly recommend choosing direct travel options.


What should I pack in my luggage?

Keep your essentials with you. Even if you plan to check your luggage, make sure your carry-on bag contains all the essentials you need, as well as a change of clothes, in case your checked luggage is delayed. Make sure your carry-on bag meets the size and weight requirements of the airline you are traveling with, as checking it may result in delays. Consider using an AirTag or other tracking device to help you keep track of your luggage. For more information, the Colombian Airport Entities Administration has provided a number of Travel Tips.

What’s the best way to get around Quibdó?