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Quibdó, memories in the present

Quibdó is a place that exacerbates the senses from an ethnic and cultural perspective; it is a land full of riches that in the diversity of its population reflects a socio-cultural amalgam in its gastronomy, music, dance, and other Afro, indigenous and mestizo manifestations. Quibdó is a place of brave people who, despite their needs and conflicts, are characterized by being a vital part of a territory rich in creative and cultural production. In this way, the link with Quibdó continues to be a priority for QAFF, for the actions that are carried out in coordination with the communities of the Bahía Solano, El Porvenir, Malecón and El Bosque neighborhoods. Working hand in hand with the Mayor's Office of Quibdó and the Government of Chocó, as these links are important to preserve the identity of the festival as a bridge between this city of Colombia and Africa.

Discover exuberance in nature

If you enjoy the untouched purity and beauty of the natural world, Chocó is, without a doubt, the right destination for you.

Chocó is a unique department for multiple reasons; no other department shares a border with Panama, has as much African heritage, or touches two oceans—both the Pacific and the Caribbean.

These unique factors make Chocó a blend of rich forests, beautiful rivers, and magnificent beaches, which are currently a resounding success with both Colombian and foreign tourists.
Another aspect of Chocó that will leave you charmed is the department's musical folklore, which has African roots and employs drums to create frenetic rhythms that, even today, are enjoyed and danced to in the area, such as chirimía.















What is there to do in Chocó?

The Darién forest that merges with the beach and reaches out to the sea is the backdrop for many of the experiences you can have in Chocó, a department that offers you innumerable natural and cultural tourist attractions.

Among the primary places of interest, Cascada Sal de Frutas in Tutunendo and the Utría, Katíos, and Tatama national parks are particularly noteworthy.

There are also unspoiled forests and beaches in Chocó where you can admire the endless tropical biodiversity.

The department also has municipalities of great interest for tourists. Quibdo, the department's capital, embodies the magic of the Colombian Pacific. The city, located on the banks of the Atrato River, has a boardwalk where you can enjoy magnificent sunsets. From Quibdo, you can also board small boats that will take you to nearby communities where you can enjoy local food and dance to the tones of a marimba.

Sapzurro, another interesting municipality, is a true paradise on earth with beautiful beaches, trails, waterfalls, and hot springs.

Nuquí is another traditional Chocoano town surrounded by scenic beaches framed by the rainforest. In the area, there are comfortable cabins facing the water that offer incomparable views.

Capurganá, a destination perfect for relaxation and getting in touch with nature, is also worth visiting. The main appeal of Capurganá is that it lets you forget about the everyday hustle and bustle of urban life, as there are no cars or motorcycles. The only methods of transportation are bicycles and boats.

Keep in mind that the department of Chocó is hemmed in on many sides by sea and ocean and traversed by multiple rivers, so much of the cuisine is centered around different types of fish, which are a real delicacy when accompanied by other local dishes such as sopa de queso (cheese soup), arroz clavado (a type of seasoned rice with sausage), borojó jam, postre de birimbí (a dessert made using corn), sancocho de mulata paseadora (a soup made of meats, tubers, vegetables, and different seasonings), and others.
















Unique experiences

Watching humpback whales swim through the Pacific Ocean is yet another of the undoubtedly unforgettable experiences you can have while visiting Chocó.

Humpback whales can be seen between the months of July and October in Bahía Solano, one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Colombia, where forests, coral, mangroves, and diverse animal life come together to offer you an unforgettable experience in nature.
Humpback whales travel here over 5,000 miles from the Antarctic to give birth in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

September 20th marks the start of Quibdó’s celebration of its patron saint, San Francisco de Asís, or “San Pacho,” as he is affectionately called by the locals.

The San Pacho Festival, named a World Heritage Event by UNESCO in 2012, will awe you with its colorful, rhythmic, joyful celebrations.

Activities you won't want to miss out on

In Chocó’s different municipalities, you can enjoy countless activities such as recreational fishing, ecological hikes, bike tours, scuba diving, and bird and turtle watching, which are particularly enjoyable in such a unique place as this.

The area is also perfect for adventure tourism. Water sports like water skiing, surfing, and kayaking are all available.

You can also enjoy scenic natural hot springs thanks to the heat generated by the department’s volcanic activity.

And, if you want to end your trip with a party, Chocó has a wild night life, with bars and clubs that have the best beats this side of the Pacific.



  • The average temperature in Chocó is 80.6 °F, so pack for warm weather.

  • We also recommend that you travel with small bags, since the flight connections out of Quibdó usually only allow 10 kg (roughly 22 lbs) of luggage maximum.

  • We would also advise that you bring enough money (in cash) because ATMs aren’t always easy to find.

  • Finally, keep in mind that the Department of Health recommends that you get vaccinated for yellow fever before travelling through the Chocoano municipalities of Carmen del Darién, Juradó, Acandí, Riosucio, and Unguía.

With this advice, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful nature and rhythm of the Colombian Pacific in Chocó, a real gem of a department. What are you waiting for? Come discover this unique destination!

Getting Around Quibdó

What’s the best way to get around Quibdó ?

There are a number of ways to get around Quibdó.

  • Walking: If you focus your visit on festival activities, this year's festival sites are within a 10-minute or shorter walk of each other, and the festival area is about a 10-minute walk from the airport. Other downtown destinations are very walkable - depending on your shoes, of course.

  • Yellow cabs: Quibdó has a large fleet of licensed cabs that are easy to find, especially in the downtown area. There are no counters and the cost varies depending on where you are, prices start at $1 to $2.5, and depend on the total distance and duration of the trip. You can hail a cab on the street. There are also motorcycle cabs with more affordable rates of less than 50 cents. Quibdó is a small city and motorcycle cabs allow for faster traffic.

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Photo: ProColombia

Photo: Francisco Contreras / ProColombia

Photo: Jean Pierre Contreras / ProColombia


Hospitality Partners

MIA Hotel is inspired by the cultural richness, product of the crossbreeding of our roots, of the biodiversity that extends from genetics, species, ecosystems and landscapes, an ethnic fusion where the presence of mestizo, indigenous and Afro-Colombian people prevails.

Loby Mia.jpeg

Mia Hotel Choco, Quibdó 

Address : El Carano Barrios los Angeles Diagonal Airport
Quibdó 270001

Phone : +57 321 2754555

Galú Hotel
Learn about the characteristics of the Galú Project in the city of Quibdó, which is a business group focused on tourism that seeks to create warm spaces, with excellent service and competitive prices. The Galú Project in Quibdó aims to create responsible tourism that benefits the community, as well as being environmentally friendly and offering the user a unique stay.

Address : : Calle 28 #1-124 B/Roma Quibdó – Chocó

Phone: +57 315 4712841 / +57 (4) 671 2 437

Hotel Etnias

The Etnias Thematic Hotel is characterized by offering its guests quality hotel services, with comfort, culture and wellbeing. That is why our commitment is to show the culture and ancestry of the three ethnic groups of the department of Chocó, always trying to provide our guests with excellent attention, full of human warmth.

Address : : Carrera 3 # 30-43 Zona Rosa,
Phone : +57 310 248 0232 – 310 440 8861


Hotel el imperio 

Hotel el imperio offers air-conditioned accommodation in Quibdó.
It features a 24-hour front desk, room service and free WiFi throughout the property. 
Address : : Carrera 5 ta # 21 - 13 b Quibdo, Choco, 
Phone : +57 321 7543237


Hotel Emalu

The Emalu Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with free Free WiFi throughout the facilities. 
It is very close to the Malecón. 

Address : : Cra. 5 #25 - 81, Quibdó, Chocó
Phone: +57 323 5102197


Hotel Ecosuite

Offering a bar, Hotel Ecosuite is located in Quibdó,
shared lounge and free WiFi. All rooms have a TV. 
It is next to the cathedral.

Address : : Cl. 25 #43 - 8, Quibdó, Chocó
Phone : +57 320 6664420

Casa Hotel Chachajo

Stay at Casa Hotel Chachajo and take advantage of the quality of its services, such as airport transfer (round trip), laundry or dry cleaning service and bar. You will have free wifi in the rooms.
Address :: Cra. 4 #28 - 49, Quibdó, Chocó

Phone : +57 312 7566196

Restaurant RIO Pueblo de la alegría

This typical restaurant of Chocó has a very peaceful atmosphere. Not to mention the food, which is delicious: especially the minigueo. The decoration and a very warm atmosphere to share with friends and family, the food is delicious and the prices are affordable



















Address : Barrio Jardin, Zona Minera

Sector Heliconias Quibdó,


Phone : +57 321 6103508

Hotel Galu.jpeg
Rio restaurant2.jpeg
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