Image de Leon Pauleikhoff


For some reason that we still do not know, we find in the history of humanity that aspect marked in the discrimination either by skin color or gender, we simply do not know and submit in a brutal way to ourselves, given this our goal is clearly to increase the audience of films by African and Afro-descendant directors and their dissemination in Africa. To make visible stories written, directed and produced by African and Afro-descendant directors.

Respond to a growing demand for content «made in Africa and the Diaspora» by audiences of African descent. To concretize the participation of producers, national directors, international directors, and communicators in the programming of the Quibdó Africa Film Festival. To guarantee the publicity and diffusion of the Quibdó Africa Film Festival through the different media.

It is now when through this work we show that culture as part of the history and wonderful mixture of Africa.