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Being Afro-descendant and fully enjoying all citizenship rights in America remains complex. The social, territorial and political demands of Afro-descendant populations are numerous and revolve around belonging to the territory, acknowledging a particular history and building an identity through stories and references drawn from ancestral culture. There are also calls for greater involvement of the State, which, as guardian of the well-being of its citizens, must find solutions to the problems, especially political and social, of communities living in conditions of extreme vulnerability.  Faced with these realities, the QAFF also provides its contribution to building, helping the development and promotion of cinema, made by Afro-descendant and Africans, on the African continent and throughout Latin America.    

  • To make visible the stories written, directed and produced by African and Afro-descendant filmmakers.  

  • To respond to the growing demand for content "made in Africa and the Diaspora" by the Afro-descendant public.  

  • To promote cultural exchanges around cinema in Colombia and Africa.    

  • To stimulate the training of African and Afro-descendant filmmakers and the production and distribution of their productions.  

  • To ensure the participation of national and international producers, directors and professionals in communication in the programming of the Quibdó Africa Film Festival, as well as its publicity and distribution through different media.    

  • To create an afrodisruptive cinema, a disturbing, forceful, shocking, disconcerting cinema, which disrupts the stillness of the status quo, turning it upside down. It is a critical and revolutionary artistic concept in the sense of 360 degrees. The reinterpretation of African traditions. Moving away from the point of view imposed by the West.

The QAFF contributes to maintaining a strong link between the elders - guardians of tradition - and the young, guarantors of the future. It contributes to the preservation of memory - without fixing it in the past - for the construction of cultural identity.

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