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The BAOBAB is a fascinating tree. It reminds us of an old man who has an eye on everything around him; who sees everything; knows everything; and resists all the blows of destiny and nature. In Africa, to say that a man is solid, that he has experience and wisdom, we say that he is a baobab.  Therefore, it is only natural that we have chosen this tree, with its special place in the African cosmovision, to be the official symbol of the Quibdó Africa Film Festival. Under the shadow of the Baobab sits the Griot (the storyteller in African traditions). This makes the Baobab "the tree of spoken words", a central place in the social life of the village.  It was when we tried to define and put into words the spiritual link between Africa and its diaspora that the idea of the Baobab was born. Mysticism is, for Africans and Afro-descendants, that invisible thread of our faith, the one that will make the borders between us disappear; the wire that allows reality to meet fiction. For African and Afro-descendant filmmakers, the QAFF is a meeting place where Quibdó invites us to rethink our memory and what we want to transmit and leave to future generations.



The idea of the Baobab was born from trying to find this link between Africa and its diaspora, something that unites us spiritually. Mysticism is for Africans and Afro-descendants, that invisible thread of our faith, which will eliminate the boundaries between us, where reality meets fiction. For African and Afro-descendant filmmakers, QAFF is a date when QUIBDÓ invites us to rethink our narrative. 
The design was made by one of Colombia's most talented artists, Paola Lucumí, Afro-Colombian visual artists, who has given life to this symbol of African culture.

The Baobab has great cultural, social and artistic value. This symbolic tree is a perfect reference for a cinematic narrative.


Best Feature Film Award
Best Feature Film Director Prize
Best documentary Director Prize
Jury Prize for Best Documentary 
Best Experimental Film Prize
Best Animation Film Prize 
Best Director of Photography Prize
Best Script Prize
Best Soundtrack Prize
SUDU Prize for Best Short Film 
Best Colombian Short Film
Best Colombian Documentary 



Sudu Connexion is an international sales and distribution company of films from Africa and its Diaspora, based in Pantin (France) since 2016.


Filmmakers and producers from around the world are invited to submit their films to the competition in the above-mentioned categories: Fiction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental, as well as other technical and artistic categories. 

All the short films entered may be included in the "SUDU Connexion" Competition, composed of thematic programs highlighting the originality and style of the short films, in which they may win the SUDU Award. Producing and making PanAfrican films is one thing, broadcasting them is another. If the films were produced on the margins of the industry, they do not get the visibility they deserve. Passion, transparency and professionnalisme are the three areas of work of Sudu Connexion. 

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