What legacy we will pass on?

Linking the continents together by exchanging moving postcards between long-lost cousins.

Sharing images that stretch our mental horizons and reveal to ourselves how similar we all are, essentially.


That was the drive behind the very first QUIBDO AFRICA FILM FESTIVAL, a gesture of love from the African heartland to the deported African populations of the western coast of South America.


The first two QUIBDO AFRICA FILM FESTIVALS, held in Colombia in September 2019 and 2020, proved how inspired the initiative was.  The third edition, organized in Congo and held in real time with a Colombian audience, was a strong emotional and enriching experience, the closing ceremony a vibrant and colourful moment brilliantly consecrating the work of the teams from Colombia and Congo.


On the business level, linking the African continent with its diaspora via audio-visual productions, distributing the work of a multitude of filmmakers from all regions of the planet, and staging cultural events aimed at promoting a diversity of films, is clearly creating a potentially huge market.


Yet, the greatest gift of this international event is the revelation to millions of children of the Motherland dispersed around the world, through the everyday stories they discover on screens, that by controlling the narratives of our lives past and present, we can dispel the fog that false history had cast on who we are and what we are.


Thus, the Quibdo Film Festival is about vision, that third eye vision that never left us, that treasure of memory that was always there, dormant within everyone of us.


Once we have re-invented our visual language, once we have once again become the storytellers of our own stories, like our ancestors were in Sumer and Kemet just a few thousand years ago, we will have reclaimed the Africanness that neither the ship nor the whip could make us give up.


And just like the baobab, the majestic tree under which the griots of old spoke their wisdom, is the symbol of the QUIBDO AFRICA FILM FESTIVAL, let our stories speak of timelessness and wisdom, of universality and imagination.


Let them be a legacy to our children, and the stones with which they build the road ahead.


Here comes the Quibdo !


Writer and Screenwriter