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Image de Yasmine Arfaoui
Image de Martin Péchy



The Quibdó Africa Film Festival invites us to explore this symbolic space of encounter between Africa and its Diaspora through films screenings, workshops, conferences and artistic exhibitions in an adventure towards the unknown, in a journey oscillating between past, present and future towards a place that is both memory and representation; a place that invites us to see what we have been and what we have managed to be. We present this event that brings together Afro vanguard filmmakers as an artistic and cultural current that claims new identities through art and historical fantasy and that dialogues in this artistic maelstrom.
We want to make an afrodisruptive cinema, a disturbing, forceful, shocking, disconcerting cinema that interrupts the stillness of the status quo, turning it upside down. It is a critical and revolutionary artistic concept in the sense of 360 degrees. The reinterpretation of African traditions. Moving away from the point of view imposed by the West.

Image de Yasmine Arfaoui