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"Imagining the Imaginary: An Afrodisruptive Cinematic Journey."

The Quibdó África Film Festival's sixth edition invites you on a journey to the heart of Afrodisruptive cinematic imagination. Our mantra, 'Imagining the Imaginary,' takes us beyond known borders towards horizons where the boldness and poetry of Africa meet to set the screen ablaze with vibrant stories of colors, emotions, and dreams.

The photo presents a dreamlike scene in which a person seems to float above a sofa in a room comfortably lit by string lights. The environment is warm and intimate, adorned with various frames and wall decorations that give the impression of a home lived in and loved. The subject, wrapped in a white sheet, adds a surreal dimension to the image, suggesting a dreamy or weightless theme in a domestic setting.
©MABOROSHIPICTURES / "The Sleeping Negro" a film by Skinner Myers

Imagine a cinema where each frame is a window open to the infinite. Maestros like Abderrahmane Sissako, Mati Diop, and Moufida Tlatli weave enchanting tales that transport us into universes where pain and beauty coexist, and love and hope defy desolation. Their art is the voice of Africa singing in the great choir of humanity, a melody that transcends oceans and deserts to touch the soul of each one of us, wherever we may be.


The challenges faced by these storytellers are numerous, but their determination burns with an unquenchable flame of creativity. Financial constraints, limited infrastructure, and markets dominated by foreign giants only serve to fuel their passion. Through international collaborations, innovative digital strategies, and a vibrant presence at festivals around the world, they etch their visions into the annals of time.


As for the impact of their works, that remains to be seen. Rainbow bridges are created between cultures, inviting us to dance under the rain of a shared world. The films of African and Afro-descendant directors teach and inspire us, revealing universal truths through unique experiences. They shed light on our understanding of the world, unveiling the richness of a land that is often mystified but brimming with captivating narratives.


The festival invites you to join in this ode to the splendor of cinema, where the imaginary becomes canvas and dreams come to life. The Quibdó África Film Festival celebrates the art of Afrodisruptive cinema, where each story is a golden thread woven into the grand tapestry of our common humanity. Come dive with us into these deep waters and let the powerful currents of art, culture, and boundless imagination carry you away.

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