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Updated: May 30, 2023

The QAFF Foundation is pleased to present the official poster for the 5th edition of the Quibdó Africa Film Festival, a stunning representation of the King of the Ngochola peoples created by Malik Afegbua using the latest IA technology.

The people of the «Ngochola» by Malik Afegbua © slickcity

The Ngochola, an ancient African civilization that flourished 250,000 years ago, is a symbol of the greatness and innovation of African cultures. This magnificent poster is an original creation by Malik Afegbua, a cutting-edge Nigerian artist and filmmaker who has used IA to bring the image of the Ngochola to life in a masterpiece of design and technology.

This poster represents our vision for the festival, which seeks to promote African and Afro-descendant film and culture worldwide, and celebrate the creativity and innovation of African cultures. We are honored to have such an impressive and cutting-edge poster to represent the fifth edition of the Quibdó Africa Film Festival, and are excited to share it with our audiences.

We are committed to continuing to promote the art and culture of Africa and its diasporas, and hope that the King Ngochola poster will be a constant reminder of the greatness and innovation of our cultures.

Malik Afegbua is a Nigerian fashion designer, artist and filmmaker who has been noted for his innovation and use of artificial intelligence in the arts. Although he was previously in business management, his life changed when he received a Canon camera as a gift in 2011 and began experimenting with photography and visual art. Eventually, he founded the production company Slickcity Media and has created commercials, documentaries and virtual exhibitions.

Afegbua has used the artificial intelligence platform Midjourney to generate images and has used Adobe Photoshop to edit his works. His most famous work to date is a series called "The Elder Series," in which he showed elderly people on a fashion runway decked out in stylish and colorful clothing through the use of AI. The series received praise for its more positive portrayal of the elderly, but also criticism for the impact of AI on art.

The inspiration for this series came from watching her mother struggle with a stroke, and Afegbua used her imagination in conjunction with AI software to show aging-looking models in nice clothes. Her work was praised by the World Health Organization as a major positive contributor to the WHO/UN Decade of Healthy Aging global effort to combat ageism. Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter also praised her work in an Instagram post.

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